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Controls and automation

Control your display cooler, beverage cooler, ice machine, walk-in freezer, IT room, and other equipment

If you have a restaurant, grocery, or other business that relies on refrigeration to preserve your inventory, you understand that the ability to monitor storage temperatures is incredibly important. Your profits are directly related to your ability to keep your products at optimal temperature! When your refrigeration fails, possibly by only a couple of degrees even, you are at risk of losing profits or even your entire inventory. As a South Florida based business ourselves, we understand the demand we place on refrigeration equipment in our hot weather. That makes Freezer control Miami and other cities located in similar warm, tropical climates even more important.


Many businesses understand this concept but are unsure how to control and monitor their refrigeration temperature. Our team at Coolex are industry experts and can guide your business in the right direction. We also have relationships with reputable refrigeration controls vendors and can set you up with a tailor made system that fits your specific needs. Whether you have a simple set up or have a complex refrigeration system, Coolex has exactly the controls you need.


Today, technology for refrigeration control is simple, efficient, and easy to use. In fact, refrigeration control and monitoring can even be done from your very own smart phone. By setting parameters and performance goals, you can check from anywhere at any time that your refrigeration system is working for you. Additionally, you can receive alerts right away if the equipment is not working as intended. This feature alone can save your business from losing valuable inventory and save you from losing money. You can also change settings directly from your phone as well so that you can adjust your refrigeration system as needed no matter where you are. You work hard to make your business work, so don't lose money on something as simple as refrigeration control. Stop guessing at whether your refrigeration system is doing its job and gain some piece of mind by investing in refrigeration controls today!

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  • Keep cold storage products safe by monitoring temperature, humidity, compressor operation, defrost and other settings and set-points.

  • Monitor and adjust equipment performance through any computer.

  • Install the Phone app and be connected anywhere you are.

  • Receive email alerts anytime there is an issue

Temperature controller, converter and valve shown**

Sensors can extend up to 665 feet.

What can refrigeration controls do for you?

IT Rooms Need Constant Air Conditioning Monitoring

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What is the impact of temperature on your systems? High end systems have auto shutdown capabilities to safeguard themselves against failures when temperature is too high. But did you know that CPU level errors and as such errors in your applications can be temperature induced? On top of that, heat will stress fan equipment even more. This reduces equipment life time expectancy. All this affects your system's availability and your business continuity. By investing in refrigeration controls you can have live time monitoring capability as well as numerous parameters to alert and safeguard your data storage center. Refrigeration controls can keep your computers up and running efficiently. Don't let high temperatures keep your business from running smoothly.

We are the leaders in Freezer control Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, so Call Coolex to get a free consultation on the best refrigeration control system for your business today!

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