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At Coolex, our air conditioning technicians are specially trained and certified. They are professionals and experts who strive to deliver air conditioning services that is unmatched in quality. Our technicians have the mentality of following procedures by-the-book. They abide by the rules and laws that coincides with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).  The technicians are skilled in not only repair services, but also installations, sales, preventative maintenance, and cleaning. They have worked with homes in residential areas, commercial and industrial company and business, and also start-up projects with construction. The technicians at Coolex are skilled in many fields proving their expertise and knowledge through the exceptional service they provide. And don't forget, we offer 24 hour emergency air conditioning repair service. We are the air conditioning company that will always be available and ready to help resolve your A/C issues.

Why you should pick Coolex to service your A/C units:

  • Our technicians follow procedures by-the-book.

  • Technicians meet monthly for group training and discussions.

  • Fully insured and certified technicians, having gone through background checks and drug tests.

  • Stocked trucks to ensure your system will be up and running in no time.

  • Each hired technicians are evaluated to make sure they provide clean and outstanding service.

  • Up-Front pricing so that there would be no surprises.

  • 24 hour emergency service call center.

  • We schedule appointments without you breaking your schedule.

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